Making Up for some Lost Time

Hi all! Many apologies for the gap between my last post and the current one.

Although the last two weeks seemed like the perfect time to drop my two cents about recent world affairs, I instead felt the need to listen first and sound off later. Whether it was the tragic Boston bombings or the Maple Leafs making the playoffs (cue the theories of how the Leafs’ success is a sign of Judgment Day), their aftermaths have been bringing about several new developments.

Due to a roster with minimal playoff experience and Boston’s game 1 victory, the realistic oracle in me foresees a Bruins triumph. I sincerely hope that the Leafs use their sticks to bash my crystal ball by winning the first round. GO LEAFS GO !

“God gave us two ears and one mouth, which one(s) are you going use more?”

With the bombings though, certain politicians could not wait one week after the tragedy before regurgitating their respective parties’ talking points on terrorism. When newly elected Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, was asked about how he would respond to the Marathon attacks, he said he would offer the Americans material support while exploring the root causes that prompted the heinous act. Obviously the conservative Mr. Prime Minister had to chime in by retorting “when you see this kind of violent act, you do not sit around trying to rationalize it or make excuses for it or figure out its root causes.”

It is almost like the media basically set those two up for a schoolyard fight by asking the first question. Speaking of schoolyard fight, is there any difference between the media and the kids who chant ‘FIGHT! FIGHT!’ during a tense stand-off between two middle-school boys? Why didn’t JT wait a week before sharing his post-mortem report by just solely mentioning the material support aspect?

Doing so would have turned him into a lightning rod for foolish criticisms like “Trudeau is clearly showing his lack of resolve by not agreeing to answer let alone tackle such questions readily if a bomb went off in Montreal.”

It would not be ‘politically’ astute for him to neglect his emphasis on the roots of terrorism after the tragedy. Had he not proclaimed his stance on terrorism, JT would probably come off as more concerned about the Bostonians rather than an official who wants to appeal to his base. Plus, he also could have framed his answer in a way that would condemn the attacks and show his resilient leadership minus the politics.

Regardless of your stance Trudeau’s call for the root cause analysis, did he have to make the statement veer into political territory just three days after the attack? As usual, it was even harder for PM Harper to remain mum as silence would not help him rouse the CPC base. Hoping that politicians dial back their partisanship for one week after any calamity is clearly wishful thinking.

“Pain is temporary, film is forever” – Michael J. Fox

Anyhow, I guess it is time to find temporary refuge from all that is going on in the world through good old Bollywood escapism. Yes I am watching gangster flick Shootout at Wadala tonight so watch out for my review! Even though my last two posts were Desi-movie centric, I do not intend to make that the norm.

On a totally different note, I caught a midnight screening of Iron Man 3 and was thoroughly entertained. Those of you going to see it this weekend, stick around after the end credits to see Tony Stark and a fellow Avenger.

Happy Friday everyone : )


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