Politicizing & Sensationalizing: Two Sides of the Coin that is National Media

The sensationalizing of certain murder cases by the media is nothing new in this day and age. Just google Casey Anthony and you will have yourself a plethora of case studies regarding this phenomena.

The recent Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman verdict and all the coverage surrounding it is proof that the sensationalizing of vicious tragedies also veers into even dirtier territories like politicization.

Politicizing and sensationalizing are merely two different sides of the same coin that is the national media. Policy Mic writer Zainab Akende is spot on when it comes to describing the journalistic travesty of modern times. The lack of attention received by the Jordan Davis murder makes one wonder why news networks are not discussing whether the phrase “driving while black (and listening to hip-hop music)” should/should not apply to this recent Jacksonville, FL murder.

With the political and media honchos placing the Jacksonville trial story on the back burner, the only trial on people’s minds will be that of George Zimmerman’s. My dearest apologies if this comes off as me belittling one tragedy to aggrandize another. That is certainly not my intention but it is just hard not to be perplexed by the agenda-driven hype selectively plaguing particular calamities.

Plus President Obama has already used Martin’s death as talking point during his 2012 relection campaign. It is not like he is running for a third term so why even mention Jordan Davis and publicly condemn his murder? The reason for this is because if Obama had a son, chances of him looking like Davis would be very slim (see video below).

Actually I do not see why I am whining about this because the Jim Morrison fanatic inside my head has been telling me “please son, give the complaints a rest, The Doors frontman spoke of this reality when he claimed he who controls the media controls the mind.”


2 thoughts on “Politicizing & Sensationalizing: Two Sides of the Coin that is National Media

  1. Great idea to reflect on how the media has ‘used’ tragedies to drive home their respective agendas. I would however argue, that many times such attention is evoked by one tragedy may not be bad thing if it merely gets the general public thinking about the issues in our legal systems and about race, class, basic human rights in our societies. But yes, as you are apt in describing that such tragedies have been occurring, unfortunately there is a long history, and the media often chooses for us which ones to blow up…

    • Of course, the only thing resembling a silver lining in these situations is that it gets us thinking about the things you mentioned.

      However, that sort of thinking only comes about through specific cases dictated by special interests who more or less feed this to the thought leaders. In turn the thought leaders feed us while neglecting other tragedies which will make you think twice as hard !

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