Red Sox Look to Regain Edge in Game 4

As if Jon Lester’s mystery goo wasn’t enough to stir up some drama during this World Series, yesterday’s Game 3 finish took the excitement to a whole new level (see video below).

With last night’s nail-biter in the books, who knows if intense endings and finger pointing will reign supreme during the fall classic?

The Red Sox and their starter Clay Buchholz will need to shake off last night’s heartbreak and prior postseason struggles respectively. Plus the Cardinal’s hurler Lance Lynn has the advantage as Buchholz brings an inflated postseason E.R.A. and shoulder fatigue to Busch Stadium.

While certain statistics geeks have primed the Cardinals to take it all (since the 16 of the last 18 World Series champions always won Game 3), a monarch can only lay claim to a kingdom with a crown, not voter projections. The St. Louis youth pitching brigade may just continue their onslaught on the Boston lineup provided there are no defensive hiccups.

To see where this soap opera of a World Series takes us, simply watch Game 5 between the two formidable teams!